System Solution And Engineering

System Solution And Engineering

System Solutions & Engineering


Powerful solutions leveraging COTS technology

Difficulties in Custom-designed Systems

  • Frequently involves a set of boards, with different functionality
  • Designing and realizing the main computing boards increasingly complex and time-consuming
  • Lot of time spent in proving the board – functionality and performance
  • Difficulties in implementation of software, without the hardware platform
  • Element of uncertainty in realization of the product


Advantages of a COTS based approach

  • Drastic reduction of development time
  • Choice of the best available computing platforms
  • Choice of best suited functional modules from multiple vendors
  • Leveraging established industry-standards like VME, PCI, PMC and IP
  • Use of proven, Established hardware building blocks for achieving desired functionality
  • Leveraging already developed software drivers, ported Board support package(BSP) and RTOS


Popular Configurations

  • Industry-standard bus configurations VME, Compact PCI, PXI
  • Main computing board (including multi-processor configuration), based on a choice of architecture, including ARM, Power PC and X86
  • PMC expansion sites (either on-board to processor module or dedicated carrier boards)
  • IP expansion sites (either on-board to processor module or dedicated carrier boards)
  • Full-sized additional computing modules (like DSP), other functional modules
  • Add-on functional modules, based on PMC / IP interfaces
  • Chassis in industry-standard form-factors and mounting VME /ATR /others


Features of Sigma COTS boards

  • Provide support with drivers for various software platforms
  • Ported board-support-packages (BSP) and ported RTOS
  • Industry standard and proven RTOS such as Vx Works, embedded Linux and others


Additional Sigma Services

  • Provides custom-solutions                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Leveraging a vast base of established COTS boards
  • Quickly configure the system, as per customer needs
  • Provides value-addition in developing additional custom boards (where required)
  • Application Software development, integration, testing and IV&V services
  • Coordination with certifying agencies and  customers in obtaining approvals


        Domains & Platforms

  • Airborne
  • Missile, Submarine, Vehicle-mount
  • Shipborne
  • Industrial, HMI & Solar
  • Medical
  • IOT & POS, Hand-held terminal

Functional Areas

  • Single Board Computers
  • Data Acquisition & Controls
  • Signal Processing
  • Automated Test Equipment
  • Communication System
  • Internet of Things (IOT)
  • Electro Optics