Procurement And Sourcing

  • Well-established process for purchase and outsourcing
  • Approved Vendor system, with vendor-evaluation, ratings and re-evaluation
  • Identification and sourcing of MIL / industrial grade components
  • Direct procurement of components from manufacturers, distributors and authorized dealers, with certificate of conformance (COC) / test certificates
  • Well-defined acceptance test procedures, inspection and QA, including anti-counterfeit measures
  • Well-established sources for PCB fabrication, with MIL Group-A and Group-B certification/IPC Standards
  • Well-established sources for mechanical fabrication, material sourcing, analysis and treatment


  • Well-established arrangements for component storage
  • Components stored under controlled environment
  • Clear demarcation of incoming stores, quarantined stores and accepted stores
  • Computerised records
  • Complete records of batch purchase, receipts and issue for traceability

PCB Assembly Facilities

  • Well-established procedures and guidelines
  • Anti-static work area as per the ANSI S 20.20 Standard guidelines.
  • Dust, temperature and humidity control
  • Trained and experienced technicians
  • Excellent tools for soldering, re-work and visual inspection
  • In-house facilities for precision component soldering
  • Well-established sources for BGA package soldering
  • Complete sub-system assembly, including mechanical integration, wiring and crimping
  • Stage-wise inspection by QA, as per approved inspection and test plans


Cable Harness Assembly Facilities

  • Well-established facility for cable harness assembly activities like: wire cutting,  preparation,  soldering, crimping, Moulding/potting, marking/labelling and wire harness routing/securing.
  • Automatic machines for wire cutting, crimping , marking and pull testing
  • Label Printer


Testing Facilities

  • Custom built automatic test equipment (ATE’s) for functional tests for large volume production units
  • Well-established testing facilities
  • Dust, temperature and humidity  controlled work area
  • Adequate test-and-measurement (T&M) equipment
  • Strict calibration policy
  • Testing carried out as per approved test plans
  • Component level screening test facility as per the customer requirements


Environmental Test Facilities

  • In-house environmental chambers for temperature - hot and cold for thermal shock and thermal cycling tests with humidity control
  • In-house test facility for dynamic tests- Vibration, Shock and Bump
  • Well-established outsourced arrangements for other environmental test facilities for Design or Batch Qualification tests


Quality & Standards

Activity / Process

Quality Standards

Component Inspection and Acceptance Sampling method


Component handling and storage

IPC 1601

PCB Design

MIL STD 275/ IPC 2221

PCB Fabrication and Testing

MIL PRF 31032/JSS 52300

PCB Testing and Inspection

IPC A 600

PCB Assembly


PCB Assembly inspection

IPC 610

PCBA Rework/Repair

IPC 7711

Cable Harness assembly and inspection

IPC 620

Environmental Testing

MIL STD 810 / JSS 55555 / JSS 0256-01

EMI/EMC Testing


First Article Inspection

AS 9102