Cable Harness Assembly

Cable Harness Assembly

Cable Harness Assembly

  • Well-established facility for cable harness assembly activities like: wire cutting,  preparation,  soldering, crimping, Moulding/potting, marking/labelling and wire harness routing/securing.
  • Automatic machines for wire cutting, crimping , marking and pull testing
  • Label Printer


  • Cable Harness Manufacturing for different sectors - Automotive, Defence & Aerospce, Medical.
  • Well established suppliers for procuring the materials as per the required bill of material.
  • Manufacturing and testing of electrical, electronic and electro mechanical cable harness.
  • Environmental testing as a part of acceptance test/ qualification test as required by the customer.




  • ESD Safe floor area: 10,000 SFT (Includes Production/QA/Stores).
  • Automatic wire cutting, stripping and twisting machines.
  • Automatic wire terminal crimping machine.
  • Motorized push pull load tester with digital reader.
  • Cable Harness Tester (Continuity, Insulation Resistance etc.,)
  • Lable Printer/Marking Machines.
  • Manual Crimping tools where required.



  • Procurement and Stores:
    • DGM-Purchase will responsible for all the procurement process.
    • Well experienced team for supporting the procurement process.
    • Well established process and guidelines for supplier evaluation.
  • Production and Testing Team:
    • DGM-Production will responsible for all production and testing process.
    • Well experienced technicians and test engineers for supporting the production and testing activities.
    • Certified technicians for IPC-620  
  • Quality Assurance Team:
    • Head-QA will be responsible for all the inspection and customer FAI clearance process.
    • Well experienced QA Engineers for supporting the quality control and assurance activities.
    • Certified quality assurance engineers for IPC- 620


Our existing clients are: BDL, BEL, DRDO Labs and other private companies.